Unlock 50% Savings with Costco Travel: The Ultimate 2024 Guide 
Unlock 50% Savings with Costco Travel: The Ultimate 2024 Guide 

You can also already be familiar with Costco for rock-backside pricing on preferred bulk grocery items, household items, and gasoline. However, you can no longer be conscious that Costco gives similarly exquisite deals on vehicle rentals, cruises, and excursion packages.

What does Costco recognise approximately tour? It seems plenty. They have been within the travel space for over twenty years, due to the fact that 2000, bringing the identical exceptionally selective organization purchase practice to vacations that they deliver to their warehouse aisles.

Think of Costco Travel as an easy-to-use on line journey agent providing a limited selection of nice journey options with enviable rebates and perks—depending in your club degree. While it is no longer typically the nice deal for independent vacationers, those looking for one-click reserving on package deal journeys gets value out of it. And it is difficult to beat Costco’s costs on car rentals.

And yes, you ought to be a Costco member to apply Costco Travel.

How to book a flight with Costco Travel

To e book a flight with Costco Travel, visit the Costco Travel homepage to apply the principle seek shape.

If the use of the form to look for a Vacation Package, input the Destination and Region you would like to tour to your dates. Alternatively, you could additionally search for a flight with a inn stay or cruise. Keep in mind, you may most effective buy a flight from Costco Travel while bundled with a journey bundle.

How to book a flight with Costco Travel

Next at the form, choose your departure airport in the Flying From subject, as well as your flying elegance. Also, in case you are touring with children, enter the a while of all children to get accurate package pricing. Click Find My Vacations to view your journey alternatives.

Based on the search terms in this situation, there are sixteen matching packages. The lowest price is Occidental at Xcaret ($4,968). This package includes 4 roundtrip flights from Chicago to Cancun, accommodations, and different extras.

How to book a flight with Costco Travel

To reserve the package, press View Details & Customize. After that, look at the warning about travels. Then mark yes and press I Understand on it. Now you can look at the choices for your flight. At the top of the page, you will find Flights that are Included. These are the trips Costco Travel picked out as being easiest and least expensive for your deal.

Go down the page to see more flights that are available or use a filter to make your search smaller. On this journey, over 200 connecting plane trips are available.

If you want a cheaper flight, choose Select and then Accept when Costco Travel shows an alert screen that tells you the price has changed and your new choice of flight.

How to book a flight with Costco Travel

However, if you need to stay with the protected flight, click on Continue to Hotel in the higher proper-hand corner of the display screen to complete your reserving.

How much does a Costco membership cost?

Costco has club classes with tiers of perks and pricing under each.

The first club type is a Personal Membership. Anyone can buy either the Gold Star Personal Membership ($60) or the Executive Personal Membership ($120) with a 2% annual reward.

The 2d kind of club is a Business Membership. The levels within the Business Membership are the Business ($60) and the Business Executive ($120).

How much does a Costco membership cost?

Which membership need to you purchase? The one which excellent suits your price range. However, the Executive Membership with its 2% reward, maxing out at $1000 each yr, could save you plenty of money.

Consider one $3,000 trip booked with Costco Travel the usage of an Executive Membership at 2% generates a $60 reward. Additionally, Executive Members are eligible for added journey perks and improvements, depending at the journey. And hold in thoughts the two% reward applies to all Costco purchases—except gas and a handful of other gadgets.

View a sample incomes table for the 2% Executive Membership reward underneath to see how your savings would possibly construct.

How much does a Costco membership cost?

Costco Travel flights

Costco Travel does now not sell standalone flights. Costco participants can best buy flights whilst bundled with a accommodations or tour package deal purchase. There are some benefits to doing this.

  • Time financial savings and much less hassle. Find and e book all your tour needs, such as your airfare, in a single area. Receive one itinerary, together with flight information, to keep track of all of it‍
  • Accrue frequent flier mileage. Continue to earn common flier mileage to your favorite providers. Enter your mileage club numbers for the duration of booking.
  • Rewards. Executive Members earn a 2% reward on all non-taxable Costco Travel, along with airfare.

Alternatively, there are a handful of downsides to shopping for your flight from Costco Travel. They are:

  • Cancellation prices. Your flight may be subject to cancellation prices. View the instance below to see cancellation prices set to $two hundred in keeping with character for a Costco Travel roundtrip flight from Chicago to Cancun. This same flight booked immediately with the provider isn’t always subject to these expenses.
  • Pricing: Compared to the charges Going finds, Costco’s fares are pretty common. In comes cases, the price is probably lower if you e-book your flights independently of the bundle deal you locate on Costco. ‍
  • Limited desire. Costco Travel does no longer work with all airways. A notable exception for US tourists is Southwest Airlines. ‍
  • Seat choice problem. Costco Travel customers frequently file seeing limited seating selections or finding seating maps unavailable whilst booking flights. As a workaround, enter your flight confirmation number out of your Costco Travel reserving into the service’s internet site to pick from a wider choice of non-discounted seats. ‍
  • No frequent flier mileage redemption. You can’t purchase flights with common flier mileage on Costco Travel. ‍
  • Costco Travel is your customer service. If an trouble arises together with your flight, you ought to touch Costco Travel for changes or decision. Many Costco contributors document frustration with current overly lengthy preserve times.

Are Costco Travel Flights affordable?

Avid Costco Travel fans swear they get higher deals on flights bought as a part of a Costco package deal. However, it is high-quality to research similar flight costs before you book.

Because Costco Travel does now not itemize tour package pricing, it’s miles tough to realize how a lot a flight fees without more attempt. To examine your Costco Travel flight, you need to examine package deal pricing with and without the flight. Unclick the Flying From field to do this.

For example, from our Xcaret journey from above, the fee for a weeklong Costco Travel package that consists of airfare to Cancún for a family of 4 to live at an all-inclusive inn is $four,968. This same Costco Travel package with out the airfare fees $2,849.

The charge distinction is $2,119, or the cost of the airfare.

Can you get a better rate for a in addition well-timed roundtrip non-prevent flight to Cancún? Most probably.

A search at the carrier’s website for the equal flight confirmed the price for 4 tickets at $2,305, or $186 extra than the Costco Travel charge. But per week later on the Google Flights web page, a similar flight was all the way down to $1,924. That works out to $481 roundtrip according to person, which is kind of the common airfare for a flight to Cancún.

Are Costco Travel Flights affordable?

But Going doesn’t discover common airfares. In reality, we’ve frequently found offers under $200 roundtrip to Cancún like $one hundred seventy roundtrip from Chicago, $157 roundtrip from Austin, or $189 roundtrip from Denver—all on nonstop flights.

Are Costco vacation packages worth it?

Like with flights or car rental bookings, it’s miles first-rate to research pricing to make sure your Costco Travel package offers the satisfactory deal.

Let’s recall the equal Xcaret package we used above. The general price for this bundle, which incorporates roundtrip airfare for a family of 4 to live at an all-inclusive motel, is $4,968.

Pricing this same ride with out airfare, we located tickets price round $1,900 when sold from the provider at an average price. Add this to the room bought at once from the hotel, which costs $2,422.

Are Costco vacation packages worth it?

How does this stack up? The general for our independently booked trip is $four,336, or $622 much less than the Costco Travel package deal. Also, considering the lodge offers free airport transfers for remains longer than six days, there may be no introduced cost to this greater in the Costco package deal.

But, when you add the $229 Costco Shop Card that includes this package deal and the two% Executive Member rewards, better-tier members can expect to see a return of over $three hundred, making the rate difference handiest $300. For a few travelers, the benefit of being capable of ebook everything at once may be really worth it. For extra rate-aware vacationers, booking one at a time—specifically if you could rating a deal from Going that cuts your airport in half—it’s smarter to ebook everything for your own.



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