Is Bradley Walsh dead? Here is complete Guide About His death in 2024
Is Bradley Walsh dead? Here is complete Guide About His death in 2024

Is Bradley Walsh dead

The question is surrounding on social media That why is Bradley Walsh dead Here is complete guidance about truth,

To the relaxation of his fanatics, the simplest reason ‘Bradley Walsh lifeless’ is trending is because he become victim of of a dying hoax.

There isn’t any truth to this, and Walsh is still alive.

The cruel hoax commenced whilst someone wrote on TikTok that he had died on a web page referred to as bbcnewshq, a fake BBC News web page.

The post read: “TV presenter, actor and singer, Bradley Walsh, dies aged 63 – BBC News.”

The submit turned into accompanied with the aid of a 17 second video with a image of Walsh and a BBC style photograph pronouncing that he had died.

However their is not any fact to the put up, and only a hoax to fool Bradley’s dependable enthusiasts.

What have people said about the death hoax?

What have people said about the death hoax?

There is no comments below the video in question, which has been live on Tiktok since the early hours of January 27, 2024.

Shayan Sardarizadeh, a journalist at BBC Verify, confirmed this as false.

He posted on X: “A fake BBC News video posted by a fake BBC News account on TikTok falsely reports the breaking news that Bradley Walsh has died.

“The same account falsely reported the death of Sir David Attenborough last month. Both fabricated videos have been viewed over a million times.”

Sardarizadeh also referenced a Sir David Attenborough death hoax. Attenborough has been victim of death hoaxes on a number of occasions, all of which were proved false soon after.

Who is Bradley Walsh? 

Bradley Walsh is a multi-talented British entertainer known for his work in acting, television presenting, comedy, singing, and even a former stint as a professional footballer! He’s a true jack-of-all-trades and one of the UK’s most popular personalities. Here’s a quick breakdown of his diverse career:


  • Popular roles include Danny Baldwin in Coronation Street, DS Ronnie Brooks in Law & Order: UK, and Graham O’Brien in Doctor Who.
  • He’s also starred in various films and stage productions.

Television presenting:

  • He’s a household name for hosting game shows like The Chase, Cash Trapped, Wheel of Fortune, and Blankety Blank.
  • He’s also fronted travel shows like Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad and appeared on panel shows like Play to the Whistle.


  • Walsh has a natural comedic charm and often incorporates humor into his presenting and acting roles.
  • He’s also performed stand-up comedy in the past.


  • In 2016, he surprised everyone with his debut album, “Chasing Dreams,” which peaked at number 10 on the UK charts.
  • He continues to release music and even performs concerts on occasion.


  • Before entering the entertainment industry, Walsh briefly pursued a professional football career, playing for teams like Brentford FC and Dunstable Town.

Bradley Walsh is a true entertainer who has successfully navigated diverse fields. He’s known for his charisma, warmth, and infectious enthusiasm, making him a beloved figure across generations.

Who is bradley walsh wife

Bradley Walsh’s wife is Donna Derby. They have been married since 1997 and have a son together named Barney, who you might recognize from their travel series “Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad.”

Donna is a talented individual in her own right, with a successful career behind her as a:

  • Choreographer: She created dance routines for shows like Miss World and even featured in the iconic music video for Robert Palmer’s hit “Simply Irresistible.”
  • Dancer: She showcased her skills on shows like “The Russ Abbot Show” and briefly dabbled in acting with several appearances on “The Kenny Everett Show.”

While she mostly stays out of the spotlight these days, she’s undoubtedly a vital part of Bradley’s life and a valuable supporter in his impressive career.

What connection between bradley walsh cliff richard

What connection between bradley walsh cliff richard

Ah, the intriguing connection between Bradley Walsh and Cliff Richard! These two British icons have crossed paths in several ways, both professionally and personally:

Musical Crossroads:

  • Early Days: Both Bradley and Cliff started their careers in the music scene. Bradley was a drummer in various bands before transitioning to acting, while Cliff, of course, is a legendary pop singer. There’s a chance they could have even crossed paths at gigs or recording studios back in the day!
  • Covers and Tributes: Bradley’s love for Cliff’s music is well-known. He’s performed covers of Cliff’s hits like “Summer Holiday” and “Living Doll” on TV shows and even incorporated them into his stage acting work. In 2009, he hosted a special show celebrating Cliff’s 50th anniversary in showbiz, where their mutual respect and admiration were evident.

Friendship and Collaboration:

  • Beyond Music: Despite their different career paths, Bradley and Cliff have maintained a friendly relationship over the years. They’ve been spotted socializing at industry events and sharing laughs on various TV shows. Their easy banter and genuine camaraderie are a delight to watch.
  • Collaborations: Their friendship translated into some fun collaborations. Bradley interviewed Cliff for his travel show “Bradley Walsh & Son: Breaking Dad,” where they reminisced about their careers and explored the beauty of Portugal. They also shared the stage for a special performance during the “Strictly Come Dancing” Christmas special, bringing a touch of nostalgia and good vibes to the audience.

So, the connection between Bradley Walsh and Cliff Richard goes beyond a shared love for music. They’ve built a genuine friendship filled with respect, shared experiences, and even some playful collaborations. It’s a testament to the power of music and the warmth of camaraderie in the British entertainment industry.

What is updated bradley walsh net worth

Bradley Walsh’s net worth is estimated to be around £20 million (approximately $24 million as of January 28, 2024). He’s considered the richest solo TV presenter in the UK, boasting a successful career encompassing various fields like:


  • Hosting popular shows like “The Chase,” “Beat the Chasers,” “Catchphrase,” and “Doctor Who.” These gigs alone contribute significantly to his income, with reports suggesting he earns over £1 million per year just from “The Chase.”
  • Acting in series like “Coronation Street” and “The Larkins.”

Other Ventures:

  • His production company, WingIt Productions, generates considerable revenue.
  • Music releases and occasional acting gigs in films also add to his wealth.

While exact figures differ across reports, several sources, including The Sun, Mirror Online, and Entertainment Daily, consistently place his net worth around the £20 million mark.

It’s important to note that celebrity net worth estimates are often based on public records, business reports, and speculation. The actual figure could be higher or lower than the estimates discussed.



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