Peso Pluma & Nicki Nicole: Exclusive Timeline of Their Brief But Buzzworthy Romance 2024
Peso Pluma & Nicki Nicole: Exclusive Timeline of Their Brief But Buzzworthy Romance 2024

In 2022, the remix of the single “Por Las Noches” brought together Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole. Nicki Nicole, the Argentine rapper and singer, expressed her admiration for the music on her Instagram stories, announcing, “Just thanks for making this song. It’s extraordinary how you describe everything I experience proper now; you are very talented. Keep killing it.” The unmarried become at the start launched by way of the Mexican big name in 2021.

In response, Peso Pluma invited Nicki Nicole to collaborate on the remix, announcing, “Thanks to my buddy Nicki Nicole for posting me, for sharing the track. I say let’s do the remix.”

On March 1, 2023, the video for their collaboration become released. Over the following months, the couple appeared collectively on tiers, walked purple carpets, and attended awards ceremonies. Their most latest public appearance was on the Los Angeles Lakers game in L.A. On February 8.

Peso Pluma & Nicki Nicole

However, just in advance of Valentine’s Day, Nicki Nicole hinted that her relationship with Peso Pluma has come to an end. She shared a robust statement on social media after removing their images from her Instagram account: “Respect is a essential a part of love. What is loved is reputable. What is respected is cared for. When you are not cared for and there is no admire, I don’t stay there. I depart. It is with top notch sorrow that I discovered out the same way you did; thank you for the love you’re sending me.”

This ambitious assertion got here after a video of Peso Pluma holding arms with another girl in Las Vegas at some stage in Super Bowl weekend went viral. Nicki Nicole’s crew declined to make extra comments on the problem, and a representative for Peso Pluma had not responded on the time of this publication.

Here’s a timeline of their relationship:

  1. October 2022: Nicki Nicole shares her thoughts on “Por Las Noches.”
  2. March 1, 2023: The collaboration’s music video is released.
  3. June 18, 2023: Nicki Nicole is a guest at a Peso concert

Are they still friends after the breakup?

Nicki Nicole and Peso Pluma’s courting has been thru a rollercoaster of feelings. While their romantic courting appears to have ended, it’s unclear whether they remain buddies. Sometimes, the road between love and friendship may be blurry, specifically after a breakup. Given the recent events and Nicki Nicole’s sturdy announcement approximately respect and leaving when not cared for, it’s feasible that their friendship is probably strained. However, only time will display whether or not they are able to keep a platonic connection or if their paths will diverge absolutely. 🌟

Who is peso pluma?

Peso Pluma, born Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija on June 15, 1999, is a skilled Mexican singer, rapper, and songwriter. His musical adventure began at some stage in his teenage years whilst he found out to play the guitar. Inspired via nearby Mexican song, he honed his skills with the aid of composing songs that meditated his passion for the genre.

His fame skyrocketed the world over in 2022 after taking part with artists like Luis R Conriquez, Natanael Cano, and Eslabón Armado. Peso Pluma’s musical fashion combines an acoustic touch with influences from city song genres which include entice, all combined with the sound of corridos. His debut studio album, “Ah y Qué?”, changed into released in 2020, observed by “Efectos Secundarios” in 2021. Some of his hit songs encompass “El Belicón,” “Siempre Pendientes,” “PRC,” “Por Las Noches,” “AMG,” “Ella Baila Sola,” and “La Bebé (Remix)”

Notably, his music “Ella Baila Sola” made history by using becoming the first local Mexican song to attain the top 10 of the Billboard Hot one hundred, eventually peaking at variety 4. Peso Pluma’s crossover enchantment has made him the most streamed artist of all time in Mexico. His third studio album, “Génesis” (2023), even won the Grammy Award for Best Música Mexicana Album13.

Born in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, Peso Pluma started gambling the guitar at age 15, getting to know from YouTube films. He commenced writing songs in a diary, the use of it as a shape of therapy. His lyrics advanced over the years, and he became better with exercise. His artistic call, Peso Pluma, became inspired through a verbal exchange with boxer Marco Antonio Barrera, who highlighted his slender construct, similar to those competing in the featherweight division13.

Despite the twists and turns of his profession, Peso Pluma keeps to make waves within the song industry, leaving an indelible mark on the world of corridos and beyond.



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